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Whether you want to begin your trip at Kioshkokwi Lake or elsewhere, we will get you there via our shuttle service. We can also shuttle your personal vehicle to your trip destination. Your vehicle would be ready and waiting for you when you have completed your route.
Shuttle service from our Outfitter Base to Kiosk Lake (access # 29 ): includes delivery and pick-up... up to 10 canoes and equipment. Fee of $30.00 per shuttle.
Special for July and August: No charge shuttle service to and from kiosk (Access #29 Kioshkokwi Lake)
Shuttle service from our Outfitter Base to all other destinations in the area: includes delivery and pick-up - up to 12 canoes, equipment. We offer flat rates for all destinations. Call for details
We will shuttle your vehicle. Call for details.

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