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Algonquin North Wilderness Outfitter Weather Conditions

❯ A one day non-refundable deposit will be taken at the time of booking for all equipment.

❯ Rental cancellations must be made 72 hours prior to arrival date in order to receive a refund. (Refund will be the total rental minus the one day non-refundable deposit.)

❯ No refunds are given within 72 hours of the start date.

❯ There is no refund for early returns.

Welcome to Algonquin North Outfitter Wilderness

True Wilderness Experience !

A feeling of tranquility... a glimpse of the past

Experience a sense of wonder as you gaze into the beauty of a star filled sky. Rejuvenate your soul. Immerse your body in one of our many pristine lakes. Sooth your spirit with the power of nature. Silence, have you heard it? You want it?

We got it, come get it.

We are the only outfitter in close proximity to the north access (#29) of Algonquin Park

Free canoe delivery to and from Kiosk access point 29 !
GPS: 46°05'24.6"N 78°52'53.5"W

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